Stiniva Beach private boat excursions

Internet portal dedicated to European best destinations proclaimed one of Croatian / Dalmatia beaches MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH in Europe. No need to say, we knew it already, even before it got recognised and we included it in our private boat excursions itinerary. We present – STINIVA BEACH on VIS Island.

Croatia has very developed coast line, one of the most developed in the world and more than 2100 islands and islets. Thanks to that fact, Croatia and particularly its southern region Dalmatia has enormous growth in nautical tourism that doesn’t seem to stop. When we say nautical tourism we think of classical yacht charter, sailboat charter and other boating services like private boat excursions and private boat transfers with speed boats. Don’t hesitate – explore STINIVA BEACH!

Having so developed coastline it means Croatia offers so many bays, coves and beaches to explore and, according to the BUZZ FEED, it seems it has the nicest beach in Europe – magnificent STINIVA BEACH. It is located western of Mala Travna bay or as the locals call it “Mola Trovna”. If you look at it from the seaside the entrance to this beach is guarder or closed by two big cliffs creating passage just 4 meters wide. Between those guardians you will see a glimpse of pebble beach but not until you really “enter” the area – you get to feel like in ancient Roman amphitheatre. Booking a private boat excursion and exploring this wonder of nature seems like the smartest idea, especially if you know how steep and unpleasant the approach from the mainland is. Surrounded by high cliffs means the half of the beach is in shade always and you don’t have to worry about hot summer sun.

If you go by car and want to reach it from mainland, you should go to the village Žužec and then you need to take a walkway that can take more than 20 minutes.

Our advice is clear and simple: want to visit Stiniva Beach – book a boat trip and save time and nerves!