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Trogir Boat Excursions is an article in wich we tryed to present you the town of Trogir, both as a starting point for your private boat trips or as a destination on one of our boat excursions.

Town of Trogir, the logical center of Torgir Riviera is a small town with cca 13.000 people, situated in very heart of Dalmatia. It is extremely well positioned on the map of tourist happenings: just 8 kilometers from the mail airport of the region – Split Airport – and just 25 kilometers from Split city Very good traffic connections with the surrounding area makes it easy approachable from all sides: from the land and from the sea and as said before, the vicinity of the airport connects the town with the entire world.

The natural protection and spaciousness of the harbor, the favorable accommodation on the small island between the land and the island of Čiovo, and the fair climate were the main reasons for establishing the town.

During the summer time, Trogir is major hub for boat rent and speedboat day trips because of its location that enables the guest to reach amazing places like Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli Island, Maslinica on Šolta Island and others – practically in no time!

For all those not interested in boat day trips and excursions Trogir offers a lot. In such a small place you will find numerous historical sites like St. Lawrence cathedral or musems. After all its historical richness made it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997. Somw time ago Trogir was crowned with the title of most beautiful and charming island towns.

Basically – Trogir offers something for everyone so Trogir Boat Excursions is the right place to visit or to start your boat trip from!

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