One of the most prestigious newspapers in UK wrote about Šolta island like this:
“In travel, as in life, you should never confuse quantity with quality. Yet the amount of space that guidebooks assign to a particular location can provide a useful indication of a destination’s relative merit. Lonely Planet’s volume on Croatia devotes just 16 lines to the bulky chunk of limestone that comprises the Adriatic island of Šolta – the same modest space as assigned to cinemas in Dubrovnik”


Šolta Island: Maslinica

So, if Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and World, Šolta Island present the hidden gem in the crown. That Šolta situation is really confusing, especially if you know that Šolta Island is the closest island to Split city and it is clearly visible to all people walking along the Riva, Split’s main waterfront promenade.

Šolta Island

Šolta Island: Stračinska Bay

To figure on your own, why Šolta is so “ignored” by well known tourist guide books you just need to take a short ferry, boat or speedboat ride and in 30 minutes – you are there to explore Šolta on your own. If you ask us for advice, of course that we will recommend you to take a speedboat day trip cause it is gives you the best ratio of invested time and money. Also, renting a boat in Split or Šolta makes you mobile so don’t have to depend on local bus lines or rare taxis.
Rogač – the main islands ferry port, Nečujam, Stomorska, Maslinica….all paces worth visiting in our humble opinion. Especially Maslinica located on the nort western peak of the island, a small fishermen town now hosting great heritage hotel and marina: Martinis Marchi.

Although we aim to provide you as much information as possible, we will leave the description of Šolta Island like this….unfinished…..luring you to rent a speedboat and explore it on your own!
For all extra information – please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Photo Gallery Šolta

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