Bol Zlatni Rat Private Excursion

Bol & Zlatni Rat Beach present the true champions od Croatian and Dalmatian tourism. Bol is the only town situated on the southern part of Brač Island and is the second oldest town on the island. The oldest town, actually a village is located on the northern part of the island – Škrip village.

The town became worldwide recognized with a rise of tourism in former Yugoslavia because of its extraordinary beauty, charm and amazing pebble beaches. When speaking about the Bol beaches, it is unimaginable to avoid mentioning Zlatni rat beach, nature’s phenomenon and symbol of the Adriatic.

Zlatni rat (translated Golden horn) is soft pebble beache actually verticaly attached to the coast. Despite all doubts, IT IS completely created by nature. Because of its geographic characteristics, Zlatni rat is popular both for those seeking calmness, crystal clear sea and sun and those looking for water sport activities and waves. Why? While one side is gently fondled by Mistral wind, the other is completely calm.

That is why both Zlatni rat beach and Bol town are extremely popular for speed boat daytrips and boat excursions.

On the other side, Bol port fascinates visitors and tourist with its crystal clear water and picturesque beauty of the stone houses built in typical Mediterranean style. Narrow little roads and the wide piazzas are simple and typically noisy.

Above Bol is rising the coronet of Bols hills, the illlyrian fortress Kostilo (660 m) and Vidova Gora. With its 778 meters above the sea level it is the highest peak of all Adriatic islands.

Bol is ideal for the lovers of cageball, volleyball, basketball, bicycles and the extreme sports like trekking, free climbing…. Aslo, it is the mekka for all those seeking water sports like scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing. Bol aquatorium is true paradise for windsurfers, well known in those circles like location with extraordinary wind conditions suitable for windsurfing.

So the conclusion is simple, send your inquiry and discover Bol & Zlatni Rat beach this summer!


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