boat excursions summer in croatia

Long Term Forecast for Summer in Croatia

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ACCUWEATHER:  Long term weather forecast for Croatia

We are bringing some good news for all of you coming to Croatia and Dalmatia this summer. The weather during summer time,  according to one of the most popular weather forecast web sites – AccuWeather – will be ideal for swimming, boat excursions and boat arrangements in general. So don’t wait and hesitate – book your ideal boat excursion now!

boat excursions summer in croatia

Summer in Croatia

Summer in Croatia will be very dry and in some areas, the predicted precipitations will be less than half of the average. One of the most popular weather forecast services – AccuWeather, gave its long term prognosis.

According to them, Western Europe will have rain in significant amounts, where Southern Europe where Dalmatia definitely belongs, will be extremely hot and dry. High temperatures will be concentrated on the area of Southern Italy and Southern Balkans and then, after August, it will spread towards the northern parts of European continent.

boat excursions summer in croatia

Hottest summer in last few years – ideal for boat excursions

According to meteorologist Alan Reppert, in some areas of Balkans this will be one of the hottest summers in last few years. And we experienced some reeeealy host ones so far. Beside the fact that is great news for tourism and boating activities in all tourist regions including Split city and Dalmatia region, that has one very important downside: It means some of poorly developed areas will experience some issues withand lack of fresh water. Also, some of the areas will sustain significant damage from forest fires.

boat excursions summer in croatia

Make the best of your holiday in Dalmatia

The hottest will be in July and August when local lightning storms can cause numerous fires. But hey, let’s not focus on bad expectations and possibilities. Focus on finding perfect accommodation in Dalmatia, perfect boat excursions and get ready to take the best from one of the hottest summers in Croatia!

Boat excursions summer in Croatia 2016

And remember – feel free to ask all you want to know about your trip to Croatia. It does not have to be connected to our core business – boat transfers and boat excursions. We will gladly assist in any way we can / know.

Looking forward to your e-mails and messages.

private boat excursions boat transfers

Private Boat Excursions and Boat Transfers Video

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In our wish to provide more information about our boat service in Dalmatia, we opened a new video channel on popular Video Site – Vimeo

If you are not really into reading – we have a solution for you: watch our video channels and find more about private boat excursions and boat transfers in Dalmatia. Also, please be aware that you don’t have to be interested just in our boat service to ask us a question. No, no….we invite you to contact us about any information you might need regarding your trip to Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. Members of our team will be more than happy to assist with tip, suggestion or advice.

Click on the link for Dalmatia Boat Transfers official Vimeo Channel.

So, as always, we invite you to come to Dalmatia and spend some memorable time exploring it by our speed boat fleet!

Private boat excursions boat transfers

Book your speed boat excursion and snorkel in turquoise Adriatic

Top Britisht travel destination Private boat excursions

Britain voted: Croatia is in top five travel destinations

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British have spoken: Croatia among top five travel destinations

More than 75.000 people voted in big opinion survey made by famous Telegraph. It all ends with a prize giving ceremony „Telegraph Travel Award“ – awarded to the country most enjoyed in 2015 by Telegraph readers. It is not like we did not know that already but it is always nice to hear other people’s impressions. Naturally, we invite you to visit Croatia, home of more than 1200 islands, which you can best explore booking a private boat excursions. Destination? – don’t worry about it as you will be amazed whatever you choose.

British top travel destination private boat excursions

Private Boat Excursion: Komiža village on Vis Island

Readers created the list of 20 most popular destinations – countries and Croatia is on respectable fourth place.  As a top destination, British voters put Italy, as most favored European travel destination. Explanation says: Attractive mix of art, history, food and wine, climate and natural beauties truly presents “la dolce vita” (sweet life).

British top travel destinations private boat excursions

Amazing pebble beach in Brela

Surprisingly, runner-up position was taken by Iceland?! „Second place is great achievement for a country that usually was in a background when it comes to holidays. Financially accessible, very well connected with impressive landscape leaving you speechless. During winter, Aurora Borealis is something you don’t want to miss. “

Despite all publicly known problems it has, Greek is still adored by tourists making it loved travel destination. British newspaper describes it as perfect reality getaway with amazing islands, white buildings and deep blue sea.

british top travel destination private boat excursions

Time of your life: explore Dalmatia on board one of our speed boats

Croatia – a place to visit

Fourth place is conquered by Croatia. It did not go under the radar, one obvious thing – Croatian beaches are in 98% of cases – pebble beaches. But, the obvious lack of sand beaches in Croatia is compensated by more than thousand big and small islands scattered all over impressively developed coast.

british top travel destination private boat escusrions

Did You Know: Hvar Island has more than 2700 hours of sun per year

Big plus is, they say, cuisine formed under the Italian influence, short trip from Britain and generally speaking – good impression.  Here we will add something the visitors from other countries said: Great country, clear sea, lots of islands to discover by boat, amazing experience.

british top travel destinations private boat excursions

Hvar island: stunning beaches and cristal clear sea

Trogir Private Boat Excursions


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According to the data provided by Trogir tourism board, till May 1st 2016 Trogir was visited by 2130 tourists with 4575 overnights which presents 8% increase compared to the same period of last year.

Trogir Private Boat excursions

Trogir Riva – Perfect Boat Excursion Destination

One of our unavoidable boat excursions destinations, charming town of Trogir, has increase of tourist visits in pre-season. First part of the year is marked by stronger appearance of French tourists but also, increased number of domestic visitors.

Trogir Private boat excursions

St John’s Square in Trogir

Besides that, organization of Medieval fair just before May 1st showed to be a great marketing move. According to some local portals, that unique manifestation attracted both domestic and foreign visitors offering cultural and amusement events and helped the area from Primošten to Split to fill the beds with always adored pre-season guests. Along French and domestic visitors, local tourist board proudly announces increasing number of guests from Korea, Poland and traditionally faithful Germans.

All of this show Trogir is heading for another record setting summer season. It is also very important to tell that how average stay in Trogir is 5 days – much higher than European average.

Trogir Private Boat Excursions

Trogir – Kamerlengo Fortress

We can say Trogir is finaly recognized as a living monument, as a UNESCO World Heritage site, an island city where you can find almost 1200 private accommodation units and small luxury hotels. And for all of you in love with sailboats and nautical tourism we have to point out that Trogir has its own ACI marina and, just around the corner, a brand new marina owned by a private entrepreneur.

Kamerlengo fortress, amazing RIVA (waterfront promenade), unique location, UNESCO patronage, medieval city walls, neighboring Čiovo island, closeness of Drvenik Veli Island, Drvenik Mali Island, damous blue lagoon, Šolta island…..all of these attractions are waiting for you to discover them….as a part of private boat excursions or as a single destination. Anyway…Trogir is not to be missed this summer!

Trogir Private boat excursions

Discover Dalmatian Beaches – Private boat excursions


Marjan hill Split private boat excursions


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Usually, when we are returning back to Split city from a day at the sea whether it is a boat excursion or just transfer in question, very often we get question from our guests: „What is that? That green hill left of the city?“

Well, that is Marjan hill, Park Forest. It is so closely connected to Split city and its inhabitants that you can hear people talking about Split like „the town beneath the Marjan hill“. It is most important recreational zone and lung of the city and according to some scientist Marjan influences a lot on Split’s micro climate. It is hill, peninsula and park forest located on the western part of Split peninsula.

The hill itself is just 178 meters high, and the highest peak is called Telegrin. As said before, this hill cannot be divided from the city and Split peninsula, and it stretches from Marmontova Street to the West. Its length is cca 3,5 kilometers and it is 1,5 kilometer wide. Its south part, together with Sustipan peninsula forms an protective arch protecting Split port from waves and wind influence coming from Kaštela bay. Its surface is close to 340 ha and half of it is covered in pine wood.

Marjan Hill Split private boat excursions

Marjan Hill Northern Side

In 1964 Marjan was protected as a Park Forrest and by that fully protected by the laws of the Republic. Name MARJAN is mentioned for the first time in the first half of 8th century as Marianum and it has been changing the pronunciation during the course of time: Marulianus, Mergnanus, Murnanus, Marnanus, Murnano, Marnano, Mergnano, Mernjan, Marglian, Mirgnan, Megnan. There is also one other name, not connected to previous ones – Mons Kyrie eleison – coming from religious processions and field blessings – so typical for times datein few centuries ago. The name we use today dates back in the 19th century by derivation of name Merjan (still in use within older residetns of Split).

History of Marjan and Split city

Marjan area is connected to Split and can’t be observed separately. First and oldest traces if human existence were found on the slopes of „Bambina glavica“ located on the south slopes and date back to ancient history of mankind. Romans and Roman Empire left more significant notes about Marjan. Their presence dates to the times even before Diocletian’s palace was built, when cape Marjan hosted the temple of Roman goddess Diana (goddess of hunt). Also, at that time the path leading from the temple to the Spalatum settlement existed and that is evidence of how important Marjan hill was. At that time, historians say, Marjan was covered with heavy oak forest. Notes from medieval times also mention Marjan, especially in the City Code from 1312 where it says cutting trees on Marjan is explicitly forbidden.

Marja Hill Split private boat excursions

Marjan Hill

From medieval time, a lot of eremite settlements existed and many of them later became the foundations for churches. Nowadays, there is quite a few churches on the hill and some of them are valuable as archeological monuments. At the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century, Marjan was naked and free of all forest and served as pasturage and at that time intensive afforestation begins. The result is clearly visible today.

Marjan hill Split private boat excursions

Marjan hill Park Forrest

Today, Marjan hill is Park Forest, adored as picnic destination of all its inhabitants and visitors and during summer time it is beach destination both for domestic people and visitors. And also, thanks to the heavy shade provided by pine trees, you can see a lot of people jogging, roller skating, riding a bicycle or just walking.

Marjan Hill Split private boat excursions

Marjan Hill – Bene Bay & Beach

We look forward meeting you in one of our boats during a private boat excursion when you will probably ask our skippers “What is that green hill over there!?” and they will be more than happy to explain. But remember, whether you book one of our private boat excursion or not  – make sure you reserve some time while in Split to visit its symbol – Marjan hill.

Marjan Hill Split private boat excursions

Marjan Hill – Ideal for jogging, roller skating, walking…

WHY VISIT CROATIA? Just few reasons….

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Sometime ago, the web site called THE ELITE DAILY, known also under the nick „voice of generation Y“, published an article naming some reasons why Croatia is a new ‘hotspot’ destination for young travellers. And here are their reasons WHY CROATIA?

In the introduction, they say all the tourism experts say how Croatia has increasing number of young passengers. One of the main reasons is TV SHOW – Game of Thrones filmed in Dubrovnik. In Dubrovnik, one of the best destinations in the world, you can feel like being in a fantasy, they say.

The other reason is prefect, just perfect Mediterranean climate or some of the sunniest islands in Mediterranean (Hvar Island), clean fresh water and turquoise Adriatic sea.

Third reason is closely connected to Ultra Music Festival in Split – Croatia is often titled as new Ibiza or new music Mecca that slowly but surely becomes a top destination for all music lovers and DJ fans.

Exciting sailing and cruising, amazing private boat excursions, more than 2100 islands and islets and the nautical offer accessible to general population and not reserved only for rich and famous – are also the reasons why you MUST come to Croatia for holidays.

Reason number 5 – for the same amount of money you simply get more than you would in other destinations. For example, young travellers can enjoy in tasty meals for just 10 to 15 USD and have a beer for just 3 USD – a lot less than in other destinations.

Despite all expectations, culture is big motive and sixths reason young travellers mentions when talking about Croatia. Cities older tha 1700 years, founded by Roman Emperors, Coliseums and Amphitheatres, Museums, UNESCO heritage sites… we really need to continue?

Natural beauties are also one factor contributing to Croatia’s popularity among youngsters- 9 National Parks, numerous Nature’s Parks, protected areas, Islands…. all of this should make you understand why it is also famous among world celebrities like Tom Cruise, British Prince Harry, Beyoncé and many others…

Food and Vine – a special chapter! Top Croatian vines and amazingly fresh, GMO free food  puts Croatia into direct and open rivalry with France and Italy. Food and vine in Croatia are guarantees you will remember your time here for a loooong time.

The last reason is rich and extremely complicated history of this country and its surrounding areas. You as a guest will probably be surprised and confused with historic Who? Why? When? and How? But ….have no fear, since 80% of locals don’t understand the whole historic picture – no one will expect from you to understand it. Just come and spend the time of your life!

Stiniva Beach private boat excursions


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Internet portal dedicated to European best destinations proclaimed one of Croatian / Dalmatia beaches MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH in Europe. No need to say, we knew it already, even before it got recognised and we included it in our private boat excursions itinerary. We present – STINIVA BEACH on VIS Island.

Croatia has very developed coast line, one of the most developed in the world and more than 2100 islands and islets. Thanks to that fact, Croatia and particularly its southern region Dalmatia has enormous growth in nautical tourism that doesn’t seem to stop. When we say nautical tourism we think of classical yacht charter, sailboat charter and other boating services like private boat excursions and private boat transfers with speed boats. Don’t hesitate – explore STINIVA BEACH!

Having so developed coastline it means Croatia offers so many bays, coves and beaches to explore and, according to the BUZZ FEED, it seems it has the nicest beach in Europe – magnificent STINIVA BEACH. It is located western of Mala Travna bay or as the locals call it “Mola Trovna”. If you look at it from the seaside the entrance to this beach is guarder or closed by two big cliffs creating passage just 4 meters wide. Between those guardians you will see a glimpse of pebble beach but not until you really “enter” the area – you get to feel like in ancient Roman amphitheatre. Booking a private boat excursion and exploring this wonder of nature seems like the smartest idea, especially if you know how steep and unpleasant the approach from the mainland is. Surrounded by high cliffs means the half of the beach is in shade always and you don’t have to worry about hot summer sun.

If you go by car and want to reach it from mainland, you should go to the village Žužec and then you need to take a walkway that can take more than 20 minutes.

Our advice is clear and simple: want to visit Stiniva Beach – book a boat trip and save time and nerves!


WTA TOUR BOL private boat excursions


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After 13 years of „exile“ world best tennis players will gather in Bol on Brač Island. First week of June 2016 will host tennis players from well known WTA organisation. It is revival of the tournament that used to be very popular among the players and it has been televised directly in more than 50 countries all over the world. So, if you are passionate about tennis, why not join one quality boat excursion and some top tennis?!

On the first ball, this may sound like a crazy idea but….give yourself a moment to think about it….. You came to Split for your holiday – you like tennis – you would love to see Bol and famous Zlatni Rat beach = why shouldn’t you book a private boat excursion to Bol, watch some matches and then continue with excursion?!

We have to be honest and say this particular tournament brought a lot of good things globally, especially in promotional aspect. Being televised in so many countries of the world, Bol again became a hot stuff and desirable summer destination. And now, everything is ready for Bol to be extremely live in thise days. A lot of world famous players, their coaches, TV crews, cameras, models…..

Besides tennis, there will be numerous events accompanying the tournament. Among many celebrities we will point out just few: DJ Antoine, French singer Luyanna, Cuban dancer Ana Karla Suarez and others…… This is a good start of the season for Bol, you agree?

And for the end, one curiosity: do you know that Bol town has 1630 inhabitants and the main tennis court has – 2100 seating places. That makes it the smallest town that host WTA tour.

So, don’t hesitate, contact us and allow us to create an unforgettable day in Dalmatia:

Private boat excursion + Bol + WTA + Zlatni rat = memory for a lifetime.

Video by Bol Touris Board

Private Boat excursions summer in Croatia

Summer in Croatia: What you need to know

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As said many times before, the goal of Dalmatia Boat Transfers travel agency is dual: to provide excellent boating services to our guests and also to inform about all important things when arriving in Croatia – whether you choose to book our services or not. So – don’t hesitate to ask us all you need to know.

Our inbox is full of “Thank you” messages from you and we find it rather strange. It is really not needed as we said this so many times and we will repeat it again and again: feel free to ask us all you need to know about your trip to Croatia – even if not remotely connected to our core business. We will do our best to make sure you arrive here fully informed so that you can avoid silly situations and unpleasant surprises. Of course, we would like you to book some of our private boat excursions or boat transfers or any other boating service but above all – we are interested to make your stay here memorable! All members of our team are led by one vision: treat all the guests and visitors like you would like to be treated when arriving in foreign country. Simple, isn’t it?! That is why we want to talk about some things we think are necessary for you to know when arriving in Dalmatia.

Aplit Airport transfers private boat excursions

Split Airport

Split airport – what to expect?

Split airport is international airport located just 25 kilometres from Split city centre. Make sure you remember to open your windows shade when your plane start to descend to landing altitude as you will miss truly spectacular scenery created by numerous Croatian Islands scattered all over the Adriatic sea. Most probably, your plane’s landing route will pass just over Trogir town, an impressive medieval town located on tiny island between mainland and Čiovo Island. Since 1997, Trogir town is listed as one of many UNESCO sites in Dalmatia and is definitely worth visiting and that is why you will find it among our list of private boat excursions.

Split airport is of course, the busiest airport in this region so although it has just one takeoff and landing runway in the peak of the season you can see something like 120 planes per day landing there. So, especially on Saturdays, it can get a bit overcrowded. But have no fear – it is small and well organised airport so all the procedures are fast and almost without waiting. Once you landed in Split you need to reach your destination – in Split city or somewhere on Dalmatian Islands. You have several options:

  1. Taking a taxi from a taxi station located in front of the airport building – this is something we honestly do not recommend. Why? Because like with any other taxi service you do not know what would be the price of your transfers. In summer times, thanks to traffic jams, the final cost can vary up to +15 or even +20 €ur.
  2. Booking a private car or minivan transfer – well, this is much better option. The service should look like this: you book the service – the driver waits for you at the airport with a signboard and your name on it – he transfers you to your destination. Great thing with this service is that you know what kind of car is coming to pick you up and what would be the final cost to your service. Definitely recommended!
  3. Of course, we saved the best for the end: private boat transfers – Split airport is located practically on the waterfront. Or, to be more precise, if you choose to book boat transfer you will have to walk from the airport building to the pier located just 800 meters from the airport. Of course, if you don’t want to walk those 800 meters, someone can pick you up at the airport and in 30 seconds – you are ready to embark the boat. Skipper and boat will be ready to take you and transfer you to your destination. With this kind of service you avoid all traffic jams and waiting in ferry ports and above all – you avoid spending your holiday time with grumpy and inpatient people. So if we recommended private car transfer service – we don’t need to say what we think about this kind of service 🙂

If you are hitting Split city with car transfer (taxi or private service) you should know that regular price shouldn’t be more than 290 Kuna per one way for private car. According to today’s exchange rate that would be aprox. 38€ or 30GBP or 43 USD. Just for your orientation.

Split ferry or Private boat excursions

Split ferry port is the biggest passenger port on this, Eastern side of Adriatic Sea and, as we wrote is some previous articles, Split used to be the biggest transit centre. Things changed in last 15 years and today, Split is not only the biggest transit hub but also the biggest and most important tourist destination. Since the only ferry company in Croatia is still government owned (there are few smaller companies covering less interesting lines), you can’t really rely on them 100% in a sense of professionalism and courtesy towards guests. Ok, it would be unfair to say they do not try but according to our standards – it is just not enough. But hey, if you are travelling on a budget – Jadrolinija is the right choice.

Why we think private boat transfer is a better option – instead of standing in line to buy a ticket for Jadrolinija ferry you can be welcomed by our skipper and clean boat: instead of running around on owercrowded ferry looking for aplace to sit – you can relax on the boat you rented choosing where you want to sit: while you need to stand in line and wait to buy Cola or coffe in ferry restaurant – on your private boat you can choose what to drink – water, soft drinks…: while waiting 2 hours to reach Starigrad on Hvar island and then transfer to HVar town – you can get directly in Hvar town in just one hour of relaxing cruise…… We could go on like this for hours…. Definitely – it is up to you to choose how to spend every moment during your holiday in Dalmatia.

private boat excursions boat trasnfers in Croatia

Enjoy like you deserve

Beaches in Croatia – what to expect?

We get a lot of these: “We want to go on a really nice, secluded and not overcrowded beach. Sandy beach. Where do we go and how do we reach it by car?” First of all, you have to know sandy beaches in Croatia and Dalmatia are really rare. We mean – REALLY rare! Not really sure, but we think some 98% of all beaches in Croatia are pebble beaches, soft and gentle pebble beaches. There are sandy beaches like Bačvice Beach and Firule Beach in Split but we can’t say they are secluded with not to many people. They are the most popular city beaches so….you know the rest. BUT, on the islands, there are quite a few beaches with interesting setup: dry part is made of soft pebbles and as soon as you step into the sea you will notice sand bottom. First beaches crossing our mind are: Potoline Beach and Borak Beach in Bol on Brač Island, Stončica Bay on Vis Island, Grebišće on Hvar island…. Of course, all those beaches are reachable by car but if you are accommodated in Split and want to visit them think twice as you will spend the majority of the day travelling to and from them! So, private boat excursions – thing for you to think about.

private boat excursions boat transfers Croatia

In our next article, we will try to write you something about resturants, tipping and other things to know when coming to Split – Dalmatia.

Remember the words from the beginning of this text: feel free to ask us all you need to know about your trip to Croatia. We will gladly help with advice, tip or suggestion whether you choose to book some of our private boat services or not!

Looking forward to meet you this summer!


Ultra Europe Split 2016

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Ultra Europe Split 2016: here are some details of summer’s greatest event in Europe

This year’s edition of Ultra Music Festival will take place from July 14th till July 20th. Split, Hvar town, Brač Island and Zlatni rat beach together with Vis Island are venues of craziest party in the region. 5 stages, 4 locations, 150 DJs and 3 million Euros worth production are great invitation for 7 days party spectacle. Where do we fit in? Well, there will be some island locations so there is no better way to join Ultra Festival than by private boat service.

Ultra Europe became more than just a music festival. Because of natural beauties and diversity of the venue got the nickname “Destinations”. With one of Europe’s top three DJ line-ups this Festival it became a must visit event. That is the reason why this year organising team expects more than 150.000 visitors from 141 countries coming th Dalmatia. Also, they expect the average stay of 7 days.

Ultra Europe Split: After Movie

Ultra Europe official after movie has been watched more than million times in just two months after it has been released. Its importance in promotions Split and Dalmatia as tourist destinations is even bigger because more than half of the video has been dedicated to natural beauties of this Dalmatian region.

Negotiations with the Owner of Ultra World Wide organisation – SUCCESFULL

Director of Ultra Europe Festival just returned from Miami where he had meetings with the owners of Ultra World Wide organisation, told to media:

“One of the partners of Ultra World Wide organisation is Ultra Europe Festival, mainly owned by Croats. That is the main reason why Ultra Europe’s home is in Split, the capital of Croatian coast. Each year is harder and harder for us to keep Ultra in Dalmatia because its growth attracts more and more offers from other tourist countries and cities in Europe. For now, we can say for sure Ultra Europe stays in Split, Croatia and that makes us extremely proud. I have to say and everyone interested knows about it – just in last two years we got three serious offers to move the festival from Croatia. Despite that, we are convinced that we will stay here and improve even more cooperation with Split city officials and Split tourist board”

Director of communications said: “This year we expect more than 150.000 visitors from more than 140 countries. That is why every single destination in Europe wants to be a home of this project.

Ultra festival also takes places in cities like: Tokyo (13.35 M), Miami (5,5 M), Singapore (5.5 M), Rio de Janeiro (6.3M) i Seoul (10.1 M). If you take into consideration these are cities with more than just few million people, Split has to be extremely lucky to host festival like this one. After all, the festival is planetary famous.” 

ultra music festival split private boat excursions BOAT TRANSFERS

During Ultra Europe….

During UMF, Split-Dalmatian County has strongly increased arrival of guests. Compared to the year 2013, the year of first Ultra Music Festival, that growth is more than 110%.

If you translate that growth into common language of MONEY it means that during the festival something like 300.000 million kunas (cca 40m €) is spent. But that is not all – Ultra Festival organises boat visits and regattas to neighbouring islands with more than 600 boats while on Split airport lands more than 40 private jets. Those Ultra Regattas are great time for us to step in and providing private boat excursions to Ultra Venues ensure a great time for you and your friends. So, as you can see, with Dalmatia Boat Transfers you don’t have to miss a single day of Ultra Music Festival. Book your private boat excursion now and do the best of both worlds: see the Dalmatian Islands and its natural beauties and party with Ultra DJs during the night.

Line-up worth 4.000.000 €

Destination Ultra – Croatia music week offer 5 stages and few music genres. Together with world famous DJs, this festival is known for its support to relatively unknown talented DJs from the region and from all over the world. So, this year too – UMF will provide the chance to feel great stage to talented DJs from Monte Negro, B&H, Poland, Ireland, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Israel and Republic of Korea.

ULTRA Europe Phase One Headliners (alphabetical order):

Above & Beyond

Adam Beyer



Armin van Buuren

Carl Cox

Dash Berlin

David Guetta


Jamie Jones

Marco Carola

Martin Garrix

DJ Snake




Hot Since 82

Ida Engberg

Joseph Capriati

Markus Schulz

Nic Fanciulli