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As said many times before, the goal of Dalmatia Boat Transfers travel agency is dual: to provide excellent boating services to our guests and also to inform about all important things when arriving in Croatia – whether you choose to book our services or not. So – don’t hesitate to ask us all you need to know.

Our inbox is full of “Thank you” messages from you and we find it rather strange. It is really not needed as we said this so many times and we will repeat it again and again: feel free to ask us all you need to know about your trip to Croatia – even if not remotely connected to our core business. We will do our best to make sure you arrive here fully informed so that you can avoid silly situations and unpleasant surprises. Of course, we would like you to book some of our private boat excursions or boat transfers or any other boating service but above all – we are interested to make your stay here memorable! All members of our team are led by one vision: treat all the guests and visitors like you would like to be treated when arriving in foreign country. Simple, isn’t it?! That is why we want to talk about some things we think are necessary for you to know when arriving in Dalmatia.

Aplit Airport transfers private boat excursions

Split Airport

Split airport – what to expect?

Split airport is international airport located just 25 kilometres from Split city centre. Make sure you remember to open your windows shade when your plane start to descend to landing altitude as you will miss truly spectacular scenery created by numerous Croatian Islands scattered all over the Adriatic sea. Most probably, your plane’s landing route will pass just over Trogir town, an impressive medieval town located on tiny island between mainland and Čiovo Island. Since 1997, Trogir town is listed as one of many UNESCO sites in Dalmatia and is definitely worth visiting and that is why you will find it among our list of private boat excursions.

Split airport is of course, the busiest airport in this region so although it has just one takeoff and landing runway in the peak of the season you can see something like 120 planes per day landing there. So, especially on Saturdays, it can get a bit overcrowded. But have no fear – it is small and well organised airport so all the procedures are fast and almost without waiting. Once you landed in Split you need to reach your destination – in Split city or somewhere on Dalmatian Islands. You have several options:

  1. Taking a taxi from a taxi station located in front of the airport building – this is something we honestly do not recommend. Why? Because like with any other taxi service you do not know what would be the price of your transfers. In summer times, thanks to traffic jams, the final cost can vary up to +15 or even +20 €ur.
  2. Booking a private car or minivan transfer – well, this is much better option. The service should look like this: you book the service – the driver waits for you at the airport with a signboard and your name on it – he transfers you to your destination. Great thing with this service is that you know what kind of car is coming to pick you up and what would be the final cost to your service. Definitely recommended!
  3. Of course, we saved the best for the end: private boat transfers – Split airport is located practically on the waterfront. Or, to be more precise, if you choose to book boat transfer you will have to walk from the airport building to the pier located just 800 meters from the airport. Of course, if you don’t want to walk those 800 meters, someone can pick you up at the airport and in 30 seconds – you are ready to embark the boat. Skipper and boat will be ready to take you and transfer you to your destination. With this kind of service you avoid all traffic jams and waiting in ferry ports and above all – you avoid spending your holiday time with grumpy and inpatient people. So if we recommended private car transfer service – we don’t need to say what we think about this kind of service 🙂

If you are hitting Split city with car transfer (taxi or private service) you should know that regular price shouldn’t be more than 290 Kuna per one way for private car. According to today’s exchange rate that would be aprox. 38€ or 30GBP or 43 USD. Just for your orientation.

Split ferry or Private boat excursions

Split ferry port is the biggest passenger port on this, Eastern side of Adriatic Sea and, as we wrote is some previous articles, Split used to be the biggest transit centre. Things changed in last 15 years and today, Split is not only the biggest transit hub but also the biggest and most important tourist destination. Since the only ferry company in Croatia is still government owned (there are few smaller companies covering less interesting lines), you can’t really rely on them 100% in a sense of professionalism and courtesy towards guests. Ok, it would be unfair to say they do not try but according to our standards – it is just not enough. But hey, if you are travelling on a budget – Jadrolinija is the right choice.

Why we think private boat transfer is a better option – instead of standing in line to buy a ticket for Jadrolinija ferry you can be welcomed by our skipper and clean boat: instead of running around on owercrowded ferry looking for aplace to sit – you can relax on the boat you rented choosing where you want to sit: while you need to stand in line and wait to buy Cola or coffe in ferry restaurant – on your private boat you can choose what to drink – water, soft drinks…: while waiting 2 hours to reach Starigrad on Hvar island and then transfer to HVar town – you can get directly in Hvar town in just one hour of relaxing cruise…… We could go on like this for hours…. Definitely – it is up to you to choose how to spend every moment during your holiday in Dalmatia.

private boat excursions boat trasnfers in Croatia

Enjoy like you deserve

Beaches in Croatia – what to expect?

We get a lot of these: “We want to go on a really nice, secluded and not overcrowded beach. Sandy beach. Where do we go and how do we reach it by car?” First of all, you have to know sandy beaches in Croatia and Dalmatia are really rare. We mean – REALLY rare! Not really sure, but we think some 98% of all beaches in Croatia are pebble beaches, soft and gentle pebble beaches. There are sandy beaches like Bačvice Beach and Firule Beach in Split but we can’t say they are secluded with not to many people. They are the most popular city beaches so….you know the rest. BUT, on the islands, there are quite a few beaches with interesting setup: dry part is made of soft pebbles and as soon as you step into the sea you will notice sand bottom. First beaches crossing our mind are: Potoline Beach and Borak Beach in Bol on Brač Island, Stončica Bay on Vis Island, Grebišće on Hvar island…. Of course, all those beaches are reachable by car but if you are accommodated in Split and want to visit them think twice as you will spend the majority of the day travelling to and from them! So, private boat excursions – thing for you to think about.

private boat excursions boat transfers Croatia

In our next article, we will try to write you something about resturants, tipping and other things to know when coming to Split – Dalmatia.

Remember the words from the beginning of this text: feel free to ask us all you need to know about your trip to Croatia. We will gladly help with advice, tip or suggestion whether you choose to book some of our private boat services or not!

Looking forward to meet you this summer!