private boat excursions boat transfers

In our wish to provide more information about our boat service in Dalmatia, we opened a new video channel on popular Video Site – Vimeo

If you are not really into reading – we have a solution for you: watch our video channels and find more about private boat excursions and boat transfers in Dalmatia. Also, please be aware that you don’t have to be interested just in our boat service to ask us a question. No, no….we invite you to contact us about any information you might need regarding your trip to Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. Members of our team will be more than happy to assist with tip, suggestion or advice.

Click on the link for Dalmatia Boat Transfers official Vimeo Channel.

So, as always, we invite you to come to Dalmatia and spend some memorable time exploring it by our speed boat fleet!

Private boat excursions boat transfers

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