May 13, 2016

boat excursions summer in croatia

Long Term Forecast for Summer in Croatia

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ACCUWEATHER:  Long term weather forecast for Croatia

We are bringing some good news for all of you coming to Croatia and Dalmatia this summer. The weather during summer time,  according to one of the most popular weather forecast web sites – AccuWeather – will be ideal for swimming, boat excursions and boat arrangements in general. So don’t wait and hesitate – book your ideal boat excursion now!

boat excursions summer in croatia

Summer in Croatia

Summer in Croatia will be very dry and in some areas, the predicted precipitations will be less than half of the average. One of the most popular weather forecast services – AccuWeather, gave its long term prognosis.

According to them, Western Europe will have rain in significant amounts, where Southern Europe where Dalmatia definitely belongs, will be extremely hot and dry. High temperatures will be concentrated on the area of Southern Italy and Southern Balkans and then, after August, it will spread towards the northern parts of European continent.

boat excursions summer in croatia

Hottest summer in last few years – ideal for boat excursions

According to meteorologist Alan Reppert, in some areas of Balkans this will be one of the hottest summers in last few years. And we experienced some reeeealy host ones so far. Beside the fact that is great news for tourism and boating activities in all tourist regions including Split city and Dalmatia region, that has one very important downside: It means some of poorly developed areas will experience some issues withand lack of fresh water. Also, some of the areas will sustain significant damage from forest fires.

boat excursions summer in croatia

Make the best of your holiday in Dalmatia

The hottest will be in July and August when local lightning storms can cause numerous fires. But hey, let’s not focus on bad expectations and possibilities. Focus on finding perfect accommodation in Dalmatia, perfect boat excursions and get ready to take the best from one of the hottest summers in Croatia!

Boat excursions summer in Croatia 2016

And remember – feel free to ask all you want to know about your trip to Croatia. It does not have to be connected to our core business – boat transfers and boat excursions. We will gladly assist in any way we can / know.

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